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In 2010, the  Groupe Paradoxe , a community and social economy organization that promotes social and professional integration in the field of entertainment and events, acquires the former Church of Notre-Dame du Perpétuel Secours and imagines a whole new plan for it. On February 12, 2014, the Théâtre Paradoxe is officially open to the public! Behind its large wooden doors and its stone facade, is now installed a multidisciplinary performance hall with unparalleled cachet. The original stained-glass windows and woodwork offer a very unique signature to this platform for the dissemination and presentation of events. For all kinds of events, modular structures allow you to transform the room as needed. 

socio-professional integration

We offer a training platform for the Paradoxe Group program. Every year, 30 young people in a situation of exclusion are offered technical training in the field of the performing arts. This training is paid and based on real work situations. To complete this teaching is added to the technical training a psychosocial follow-up, exploratory internships as well as a support for the return to studies or to employment. After the program 92% of these young people enter working life or decide to resume their studies. 

respect the environment

This objective was ingrained in the project's design, emphasizing the preservation of architectural heritage wherever possible. The church has retained its original style, and its furnishings have been repurposed on-site, such as transforming old benches into bars. To support this vision, we have invested in low-consumption lighting for the Theater and its stage, opting for LED and compact fluorescent bulbs. Additionally, we relocated our facilities to the theater to provide it with all necessary equipment, reducing CO2 emissions associated with transporting rented equipment from external sources. Furthermore, each event at the Paradoxe Theater minimizes the use of plastic by utilizing real dishes and Ecocups. We adhere to strict recycling and composting practices. Since October 2015, the Paradoxe Theater has proudly held the distinction of being one of the first eco-responsible venues to achieve Gold certification in Greater Montreal.

revitalization of our neighborhood

Our objective is to foster the economic and cultural growth of the South West of Montreal. The Paradoxe Theater strives to provide an eclectic, diverse program that is accessible to the residents of the South-West as well as those from the surrounding areas. We are committed to offering the venue to alternative producers and emerging businesses, while also actively involving other integration enterprises wherever possible.

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