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RULES OF THE CONFINEES CONTEST (the "Contest") organized by Groupe et Théâtre Paradoxe ("Paradoxe")

1: Sending of your songs / musical compositions on video via the website from May 5 at noon to May 25

2: Online publication: June 5, 2020 to June 17, 2020 (the "Duration of the Competition")


Terms and conditions:


  1. Each participant must sign the release of responsibility attesting their eligibility to the Contest, in accordance with the conditions set out in the Eligibility section of the Contest website, and in which they consent to their name, image and / or voice being used. used without any compensation for the promotion of the Contest and Paradox, and it releases Paradox, (the “Contest Organizers”) from any responsibility with regard to damage or loss that may arise from their participation in this Contest or the award , acceptance or use of the prize awarded. Anyone accompanying the winner of the Confines Contest Prize must complete an attestation form in which they consent to the use of their name, image and / or voice without being compensated for the promotion of the Contest, and releases the Contest Organizers from any responsibility for damage or loss that may arise from the use of the prize awarded to the winner

  2. Each participant must guarantee to Paradoxe that he is the sole owner of the copyright or that he has obtained the necessary authorizations on the video submitted, that the text and the music are original. To have 100% rights to your songs / compositions, they must be completely free of rights. If you have a collaborator who participated in the creation of your song, you do not have 100% rights to this song. You must then conclude a written agreement allowing you to grant a license to Paradoxe for the use of your song for promotional purposes.

  3. Each participant agrees not to use the musical video submitted and does not allow any use of it from the launch date of the competition until the official unveiling of the preselected artists on June 5, that is to say the day of the online publication of the video recordings on the Paradoxe website and on the YouTube page of the Paradoxe Theater.

  4. Paradoxe reserves the right to disqualify any content deemed inappropriate or unsuitable for its audience.

  5. Each participant assigns the rights to use their composition / song exclusively to Paradox in the context of the contest until the end of the contest. For more details, this covers in particular any modification and / or adaptation of the video deemed necessary as well as any reproduction, distribution and exploitation of the video by Paradox or its authorized partners in any media, in whole or in part.

  6. The price must be accepted as such and cannot be exchanged, refunded, sold or transferred. No substitution will be granted. Any unused portion of the prize will be forfeited. The EP registration will be valid until the end of 2021.

  7. Refusal to accept a prize releases the Contest Organizers from any obligation towards the winner.

  8. Any false declaration by a participant automatically disqualifies him from the Competition.

  9. The Contest Organizers decline all responsibility for loss and damage of any kind, including without limitation: i) lost, stolen, late delivery, damaged, misdirected, destroyed, illegible or incomplete entries; ii) loss, theft or loss of integrity of computer or telephone software or data, including invasions of privacy; iii) fraudulent calls; iv) the inability of any person to participate in the Contest for any reason whatsoever, including errors in postal or electronic mail addresses, computer or telephone failures or any other problem with the functioning of online computer systems, servers, access providers, computer equipment or software; congestion problems on the Internet or any other website, or any combination of the above; v) damage to any person's computer equipment, including that resulting from the use or downloading of any content related to the Contest; vi) any delay or inability to act due to an event or situation beyond their control; or vii) loss, breakage or misdirection of prices during transport.

  10. When the contest rules allow the use of social media such as Facebook or Instagram to participate, participants are informed that the social media and each of its managers and agents assume no responsibility whatsoever in relation to holding the competition. The processing of personal information and material provided in the context of participation in the Competition is the exclusive responsibility of Paradoxe. However, by participating via social media, all the rules governing the use of it find application.

  11. Paradoxe reserves the right to cancel or suspend the Contest if a virus, force majeure or any other factor beyond its reasonable control contravenes the security or proper administration of the Contest.

  12. Personal information provided by participants, including their name and contact information, is only collected for the purposes of administering this Contest and will not be used for any other purpose without their consent. By providing this information, participants consent to its use for the purposes indicated.

  13. In the event of a dispute regarding the identity of a participant, the authorized holder of the email account at the time the Entry was submitted will be deemed to be the participant. The person who received the email address for the domain associated with the email address presented is considered to be the authorized account holder.

  14. The odds of winning the grand prize and the secondary prizes depend on the number of eligible Entries received. Paradoxe reserves the right to disqualify all incomplete, illegible, damaged, irregular entries submitted by illegal means, sent by automated or robotic sending methods which have the effect of artificially increasing the chances of winning or which do not strictly comply with the contest rules. Paradoxe declines all responsibility with regard to errors or omissions in the printing of the material or the advertising related to the Contest.

  15. Paradoxe reserves the right to modify the rules of the Competition or to terminate them at any time without incurring its responsibility in any way whatsoever towards a participant. Changes to the contest rules will be published on the website.

  16. By participating in the Contest, participants agree to comply with these rules and with the decisions made by Paradox which will be responsible for the application.


Discharge of responibility

You hereby confirm that your video, which is approximately 1 to 4 minutes long and has the title entered on the form, is not the result of any loan from a protected work and that you have all the rights to use it required (i.e. written permissions from copyright owner). This includes, but is not limited to, rights to text, music, images, photographs and graphics.


You certify that these rights allow public performance, public representation or reproduction of the work entered on the form by Théâtre Paradoxe, as well as by Groupe Paradoxe, for the purpose of dissemination on the Internet (Théâtre Paradoxe and Groupe websites Paradox and social networks).


You hereby grant a license to use Paradox for the duration of the contest for the distribution of this video for promotional purposes and by all means of communication, it being understood that the name of the author will appear during the broadcast. It is understood that you assume, without exception or reservation, full responsibility for the content of your video as well as the guarantees confirmed in this user license and that you hold Paradox free from any claim that may arise in this regard. You declare that you are duly authorized to act herein and that you have all the rights allowing you to grant this user license. You also confirm that you have obtained all of the information desired with regard to this license and that the understanding of said license posed no difficulty.


In witness whereof, you have read the contest rules and you agree with them. We kindly ask you to tick the registration form that you have read of this disclaimer.










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