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"It's going to sing well!"

Contest details

I - Prize



● For the 30 preselected artists :

Visibility on our website and social media / press for the duration of the online competition


● For the 5 finalists (4 finalists selected by an exceptional Jury + 1 finalist Public's Favorite Prize):

Performance in front of audience and Grand Jury at the Paradox Theater (date to be confirmed according to government recommendations) and visibility on the website and social networks. Evening hosted by Christian Bégin


Grand Prize (the Grand Winner is chosen by the Grand Jury during the performance at the Theater):

The recording of an EP (max 5 songs / compositions) in the Paradoxe studio as well as the launch party of this same EP at the Theater on the date of its choice (depending on the availability of the Paradoxe Theater)

Total approximate value of the Grand Prize: $ 8,500


The price includes only what is specifically described and no other allowance will be granted.


I'm registering!  





  • A selection committee made up of people from the world of music and culture will choose 30 videos from those received

  • A jury composed of artists, singers, agents will deliberate to select the four (4) finalists

  • The “Coup de Coeur” artist who has compiled the greatest number of votes from the public will be automatically selected for the Théâtre Paradoxe show, subject to fulfilling all the conditions provided for in these regulations. In the event of a tie in the votes, a draw will determine the winner.

  • The Grand Jury (composed of 5 music personalities) will elect the Grand Winner of the Competition during the big evening at the Paradoxe Theater hosted by Christian Bégin

  • The members of the Jury are visible in the Jury tab)

II - Calendar


- Step 1: Registration period and sending videos on the site

From May 5 to May 25, 2020


Do not forget to fill in all the fields on the registration form. For all minors, the parent or guardian must complete the form.

Only one video per participant.



- Step 2: Selection of the 30 videos (maximum)

From May 26 to June 2, 2020


The videos are submitted to a selection committee (people from the music and culture industry) who will choose the candidates selected for the broadcasting of their music video on our site and on Youtube. Artists who have not been selected for the audition will receive an email to inform them of the jury's decision. Successful applicants will receive a confirmation call to notify them when their video is posted on the date indicated.



- Step 3: Opening of online votes

From June 5, 2020


Public vote on the Paradox Theater Youtube page and dissemination on social networks and cultural press



- Step 4: Closing of online votes

June 17 at 12:00 p.m. 2020



- Step 5: Announcement of the 5 finalists

June 18, 2020


These finalists will perform at the Paradox Theater to present their song / musical composition LIVE

Among these 5 finalists, one of them will be the "Coup de Coeur du Public" Prize (the one that will have received the most "Likes" on Youtube). The winner of the public prize goes directly to the final.

The other 4 finalists will be selected by the Grand Jury , composed of five professionals from the record and show industry



- Stage 6: Performance before the public and Grand Jury of the 5 finalists at the Paradox Theater

Date to be determined according to government recommendations


The 5 finalists will be called upon to perform live at the Paradox Theater where the members of the Grand Jury will be invited to choose the Grand Winner who will have the chance to record their 1st EP!



- Stage 7 : Recording of the first EP of the Grand Winner in the Groupe Paradoxe studio and launch party at the Theater

                Date of his choice (subject to availability of the Paradox Theater)



III - Eligibility

To participate in the Contest, simply follow the instructions below :


  • No purchase required.


  • Participants are invited to send their music video and send it to our Registration page , taking care to fill in all the mandatory fields of the registration form and to sign the disclaimer.


  • The video can be made solo or in collaboration. Only a group representative should submit the video including the name of each member of the group. However, the price remains as is, regardless of the number of people who participated in the video.


  • Limit of one video per contest participant. A video written in collaboration cannot be submitted more than once.


  • The song / musical composition sent on video will be the one that the 5 finalists must use for the performance at the Paradox Theater


  • The video must be filmed in Landscape (horizontal) format and must last a maximum of 4 minutes.


  • The music video can be in French and / or in English.


  • The lyrics of the songs may be requested later by the selection committee


  • Instrumental pieces are accepted


All participants must:


  • Be a resident of Quebec


  • The contest is open to all residents of Quebec, of all ages. If the participant is a minor, he must have the signature of his parent or guardian in the registration form.


  • Being an amateur artist (in the sense that the participant does not live from his music, has never recorded an album professionally, has not signed an exclusive recording contract or a license contract with a producer - see the definition of a professional artist on the CALQ website )


  • The participant must guarantee to Paradoxe that he is the sole owner of the copyright or that he has obtained the necessary authorizations on the video submitted, that the text and the music are original and free of all rights.


  • Respect the rules imposed by confinement (it can be several people living under the same roof or a video montage of artists or a video respecting the 2m of social distance


Selection criteria:

During the process of preselecting the artists who will be disseminated on our site and our networks, the jury relies on a list of evaluation criteria in order to guide their choice:


  • Originality: Authenticity / Distinctiveness / Singularity


  • Quality of interpretation: presence in music / presence in text / accuracy / musical performance


  • Quality of music video: text / music / technical


  • Stage presence: the artist demonstrates his ability to perform live



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