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"It's going to sing well!"


Christian Bégin

Spokesperson for the competition

⟪Are you tired of being confined? So now we give you the chance to create! Because if you tried all the bread recipes and cooked all of Doctor Horacio's tartlets, you counted all the rainbows in the windows of your neighborhood then I imagine you are looking for a new project! So we thought of something for you⟫


In order to encourage creation and bring culture to life in Quebec and bring a little joy in these times of confinement, the Paradoxe team offers amateur musicians and singers a unique opportunity to showcase their talent by submitting a music video.


The Contest aims to promote emerging and amateur artists, by broadcasting musical video performances on our website, our Youtube channel and our Facebook + Instagram pages. Like a panoply of artists from here and elsewhere who have offered musical performances from their living room or their balcony, it's your turn to make us vibrate! Simply send your music video and get a chance to perform at the magnificent Paradox Theater and record your first EP (mini-album)!


Christian Bégin is the spokesperson for this competition and will host the evening of the performances of the 5 finalists! Participate in large numbers, circulate information and good luck!


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