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Christian Bégin preaches for Paradoxe! Montreal, November 1, 2017 - Christian Bégin offers his support to the "3 years for 3 million" campaign and also preaches to financially support Paradoxe, a socioprofessional intervention company for young adults in a situation of exclusion, who has converted the old church Notre-Dame-du-Perpétuel-Secours in training and multidisciplinary room. Located in the Sud-Ouest borough on Monk Boulevard, Théâtre Paradoxe hosts many productions including the Y'a du monde à messe program, hosted by Mr. Bégin. A successful bet For 20 years, Groupe Paradoxe has been offering training in stage techniques for young people experiencing homelessness, social exclusion, dropping out of school, addiction or mental health. With a success rate of 89%, more than 600 young people, thanks to Paradox, have taken back their lives. "These young people's use of Paradoxe has given rise to a multitude of beautiful stories. Some have returned to school to finish high school, others have started businesses and even two of them have even become trainers in their own home "says Isabelle Hébert, psychosocial worker at Paradoxe. Since three years of existence, Théâtre Paradoxe is above all a training platform for these young people. It offers rich, diverse, intergenerational and accessible programming. We have seen notably Angèle Dubeau, Marie-Elaine Thibert, Michel Louvain, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and internationally renowned DJs. " Théâtre Paradoxe has become a symbol and a model of social innovation whose impact on the community has exceeded our expectations," said St-Georges.

Support needed "3 years for 3 million"


"Théâtre Paradoxe - beyond its social vocation - contributes in many ways to the life of the Borough: It is an important cultural partner, it is an economic engine for the revitalization of the Monk Boulevard. For all citizens of the borough and particularly those of Émard-Saint-Paul, it is very precious! Anne-Marie Sigouin, Saint-Paul-Émard District Councilor in the Sud-Ouest borough. Théâtre Paradoxe launches its first major fundraising campaign, under the theme "3 years for 3 million". "Beyond the initial investments, we need to put in place universal accessibility and acquire state-of-the-art training equipment. "St-Georges says. Without any public financial support for its creation, the project will have required significant private resources. Today, to ensure its sustainability, Paradox must launch a major fundraising campaign. Christian Bégin greeted this morning, in his church, a new collaboration between the Sud-Ouest borough and Théâtre Paradoxe. "If a borough can move forward with a donation of $ 100,000, we dare to hope that other levels of government will do much more! "Said Alain Vaillancourt councilor of the Saint-Paul-Émard district in the Sud-Ouest borough.

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